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    Windows 10/11, MacOS
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    PC, Mac, Tablets
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AI Photo Restore is the best and most modern photo restoration software available as it uses the latest machine learning technology. The technology behind the app is a state-of-the-art deep neural network for photo restoration that was presented in 2020 by Microsoft Research in their paper Bringing Old Photos Back to Life.

Use case

Old digitalized photos often suffer from degradation effects such as noise, blurriness, film grain, sepia effect or color fading. AI Photo Restore is a photo restoration software that is able to correct the degradation of old photos.

  • Restores old photos to their former glory using machine learning
  • Fixes all kinds of defects such as noise, blurriness, film grain, color fading, etc.
  • Uses a state-of-the-art deep neural network developed in 2020 by Microsoft Research
  • Supports faster processing of your photos using the GPU or Neural Engine (Apple)
  • Customer friendly and easy user interface
Hardware requirements

The processing of the photos uses a complex deep neural network. This is why the processing is very computing and memory intensive. The processing using the computer's graphics card (GPU) or Neural Engine (Apple) is usually much faster than using the CPU. However, your GPU must be supported (DirectX 12) and should have a lot of memory in order to support higher processing resolutions. The following shows the estimated memory requirements per quality setting:

  • 0.25 MP - 0.5 MP 🡒 2 GB
  • 0.75 MP - 1 MP 🡒 3 GB
  • 2 MP - 3 MP 🡒 8 GB
  • 5 MP - 8 MP 🡒 16 GB
  • 12 MP - 16 MP 🡒 32 GB
Free trial (Windows 10/11)

You can test the app for free by installing a trial version through the Windows Store. In the trial version, the output photos will be watermarked. In order to disable the watermarks, you have to purchase the app.


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AI Photo Restore - Screenshot 1

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AI Photo Restore - Screenshot 2

Before 🡒 After

Showcase 1

AI Photo Restore - Showcase 1

Showcase 2

AI Photo Restore - Showcase 2

Showcase 3

AI Photo Restore - Showcase 3

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