DARTS Scorer 2023

  • Platforms:
    Windows 10/11, Android, iOS
  • Devices:
    PC, Phones, Tablets
  • Languages:
    English, German, Dutch
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DARTS Scorer 2023 is the best and most easy to use darts scoreboard app for all platforms. The app's special feature is a virtual dartboard where you can enter your score by tapping directly on the dart fields. It's like having a real dartboard in the palm of your hand! But that's just the beginning. With game modes including X01 (301/501), Cricket, and 6 party games, as well as local and online play modes, you'll have endless opportunities to compete and improve your skills. Plus, the app includes bots that allow you to practice against five different skill levels, making it the perfect tool for players of all experience levels.

Game modes
  • X01 (301/501/701)
  • Cricket
  • Highscore
  • Elimination
  • Killer
  • Shanghai
  • Shooter
  • Splitscore
Play modes
  • Local: Supports unlimited amount of players
  • Online: Play remotely with your friends and relatives
  • Bots: Practice by playing against five differently skilled bots
  • 4 score input methods including a virtual dartboard
  • Optimized for all screen sizes
  • Smart checkout helper for beginners or pros
  • Voice recognition and speech output
  • Player management with profile pictures
  • Supports unlimited amount of players
  • Optimized X01 score view for connected screen (AirPlay/SmartView)
  • Extensive statistics
ONLINE MODE (2023 Edition - cross-platform)

You can play X01-games online against your friends and relatives. The amount of online players is unlimited and you don't need to setup accounts. Just tap on "Online", create a game and share the join code. Other players can join to your game using the join code. It is also possible to rejoin the game using this code if you had connection issues. The online-mode supports cross-platform multiplayer with Windows, Android and iOS.


X01 (Tablet, Desktop)

DARTS Scorer - X01 (Tablet, Desktop)

X01 (Phone)

DARTS Scorer - X01 (Phone)

Cricket (Tablet, Desktop)

DARTS Scorer - Cricket (Tablet, Desktop)

Cricket (Phone)

DARTS Scorer - Cricket (Phone)

Killer (Tablet, Desktop)

DARTS Scorer - Killer (Tablet, Desktop)

Killer (Phone)

DARTS Scorer - Killer (Phone)

Shanghai (Tablet, Desktop)

DARTS Scorer - Shanghai (Tablet, Desktop)

Shanghai (Phone)

DARTS Scorer - Shanghai (Phone)

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