REAL Shuffle Player

  • Platforms:
    Windows 10/11, Android, iOS
  • Devices:
    PC, Phones, Tablets, XBOX
  • Languages:
    English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish
  • Audio support:
    MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WAV
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REAL Shuffle Player is a simple and efficient audio player with unique features such as a real and intelligent shuffle mode.

Main features
  • True random numbers via ANU QuantumRNG
  • Smart Shuffle™: Prevents double play of a song
  • Filters: For new songs or liked songs
  • Favorites and playlist management: Shifting songs between playlists
  • Responsive Design: Adaptable UI for phones and tablets
  • [Windows & Android only]
    Set a folder as a playlist with automatic synchronization
  • [Windows & Android only]
    Export: Copy the songs in your playlist to a folder
PRO features
  • Linked Playlists: Combine multiple playlists to one
  • Hot or Not mode: Pauses the playback after a song ended to let you decide if you liked the song
  • OneDrive-Support: Stream your music from OneDrive
  • GoogleDrive-Support: Stream your music from Google Drive
  • [Android & iOS only]
    Spotify-Support: Stream your music from Spotify (Spotify Premium required)
  • [Windows & Android only]
    Advanced tag editing with smart suggestions
  • [Windows & Android only]
    Smooth-Transition: Smooth as butter transitions between songs
  • [Windows & Android only]
    Youtube-Support: Add Youtube playlists or entire channels
  • [Windows only]
    YouTube-Downloader: Download songs from YouTube in high-quality MP3
  • [Android only]
    Casting: Cast your music to your Fire TV or Chromecast


Desktop screenshot

REAL Shuffle Player - Screenshot (Desktop)

Mobile screenshot

REAL Shuffle Player - Screenshot (Mobile)

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